What does land estimation portal do?

When you send the required information about your property, our expert team
evaluates the market price of product and will let you know the approximate current value of the product.

And structural consultancy? What’s that?

That’s giving services and expert suggestions from our qualified team of structural engineers.
Learn about every kind of structure to best suit
your location and also get help in designing and building your dream project.

How does the soil testing process work?

Soil testing facility ensures the strength of soil and delivers statistics about filling and cost of
the material to be used for the base of a house or a commercial building. Using our will require your CNIC, copy of allotment letter, possession letter and affidavit.
This will enable us to run soil tests on your plot and deliver you a ceritifed report.

Why should I get soil testing done?

Our engineers become aware of the material to be used for strengthening the project.
This leads to the future reliability of project while keeping minimal cost in mind!

How does ebtada ensure accuracy of soil testing?

We take your information and send to our supporting firm for soil testing. They run tests using their advanced and innovative equipment and after running
several tests, a report comes to life!

Does ebtada.com also help in construction services?

Yes! Did you know that providing the most professional and the most
credible construction services is actually a part of our company’s vision?

How do I use the estimation services?

Primary information about ownership of plots is always mandatory. However, the essential documents
vary depending on the service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details!

How much do your services cost?

We are currently not charging any amount for land prices and construction estimation services. For soil testing, we will be
charging as persize and type of project.
You can check out our rate list.